dKin magazine - Instilling pride in their Alumni 

Alumni magazines:2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

It’s not hard to instil Alumni pride when you belong to such a progressive University. The strategy of producing an annual publication with the ability to showcase the best of Deakin’s research and innovation, was to create hands on share ability amongst Deakin’s Alumni and their wider community.

These magazines had to be crafted both visually an from a content point of view so they would be kept and placed in Alumni businesses - waiting rooms, receptions and offices. They gave Deakin Alumni bragging rights with colleagues, business associates and friends.

“We don’t want just another
University publication.”

Ron Fairchild. Deakin Vice President (Advancement)

Kieran Reads Bedtime Stories
2018 — 2019

Deakin University
Alumni Magazine
2014 — 2018

The polish room
Self promotion
2012 — 2014

Swisse Global Content
Ambasador. Chris Hemsworth
2020 — 2021

Global Brand Relaunch: The Quest Continues
2018 — 2019

Maxwell & Williams
2016 — 2018

AAMI Insurance
CRM Program
2017 — 2018